About ISR

Infant Swimming Resource

ISR is recognized as the world’s safest provider of survival swimming lessons for children 6 months to 6 years of age. We have invested over 45 years in teaching children to become safe in and around water – while lowering the risk of drowning. With a focus on safe, customized, one-on-one training delivered exclusively by certified instructors, your child will be swimming in weeks. ISR’S Self-Rescue lessons emphasize health, continuous program evaluations, and parent education, unlike any other swim instruction.


Emily Komarek’s ISR journey started as an ISR parent. Living in rural Saline county, Emily was worried that her son would have easy access to a farm pond next to their home and not be able to self-rescue in the event that he needed to. She enrolled her son in ISR lessons and knew that she wanted to provide Central Kansas with access to these life-saving lessons. Unfortunately, the leading cause of injury-related death in children ages 1-4 is drowning and she felt compelled to add another layer of protection to children in our communities. If children in Central Kansas have access to a program that teaches them how to handle aquatic situations and find their air quickly and easily then they should have that opportunity.

She completed her 8-week intensive academic and in-water training program to become certified to offer ISR’s Self-Rescue program. ISR instructors are skilled aquatic behavior specialists, who understand the unique emotional, intellectual, and physical development dynamics of young children. She is first aid and CPR certified and carries professional liability insurance. She holds a masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction and taught various grades in public schools in Saline County for 13 years. She resides in Saline county with her husband and son.